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Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS) is a relatively new and unique rehabilitation strategy developed in Prague in the Czech Republic ( and is based on the principles of developmental kinesiology and the neurophysiological aspects of the maturing postural-locomotor system.

Broadly speaking as adults we develop abnormal posture for a variety of reasons.  This could be due to pain, work or sporting activities, computer or driving postures, or even peer pressure leading to the development of the stereotypical perfect posture as seen in the media.  It  is this abnormal posture that leads to instability and hence injury when movement occurs.

DNS compares the faulty posture to that of a healthy developing baby.  When you are born your central nervous system is inherently faultless and working efficiently to provide stability and hence movement, after all you are not taught how to turn over, crawl or sit up as these are genetically programmed developmental milestones present in all humans.  It is the deviation from these developmental milestones that leads to poor posture, instability and injury.

Through a series of exercises you can 'clean out' the faulty central nervous system connections which have developed as a result of pain, work etc. to restore normal posture and provide good stability for movement to occur. 

After completing training in Maidstone, Stockholm, Prague and Budapest, and taking an examination in London, Scott is now a qualified dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation certified exercise trainer.